VSCN workshop: How to develop an effective safety campaign using social media

Social Media Expert Row Murray presented a half-day workshop for VSCN members and others working in the safety promotion and injury prevention space. You can view the workshop and download the resources below.

The first part of the workshop covered

  • Let’s start with Instagram: how to set up an account and start posting
  • Social media in 2015
  • Age and demographic breakdown of social media channels
  • The importance of mobile/video
  • Knowing your audience
  • Engaging your audience and storyscaping
  • The importance of setting measurable objectives and metrics for success
  • Content strategy and pillars
  • Social media advertising (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify)
  • Measuring campaign results

Part two of the workshop took a close look at safety campaign case studies, including the RACV’s Check Keys, Check Kids campaign, and looked at:

  • How to put together a social media campaign and measure its impact
  • Campaigns that work

The final part of the workshop was an interactive session, where participants used a Social Media Blueprint to develop an effective campaign.

Social Media Blueprint