International Safety Media Awards 2020 Interview – Simon Pase

The rise of widely accessible and cheap production tools is a game-changer for safety media campaigns.
As part of our WORLD’S BEST SAFETY MEDIA CAMPAIGNS interview series, check out our discussion with Simon Pase

Simon Pase is the Creative Services Manager at The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia, and is one of our esteemed judges for the International Safety Media Awards.
In this interview, Simon shares his advice and tips for media production, including that you don’t need a large budget (or to engage a professional ad agency) to produce something credible. Simon observes that the kind of content people are consuming now is mostly produced from people’s bedrooms. This International Safety Media Awards (ISMA) interview series has been developed with the support of the Center for Safe Alaskans SafeAlaskans and Safe Comm Pac  #safety #impact #media