International Safety Media Awards 2020 – Interview Marcia Howell

As part of our International Safety Media Awards (ISMA) 2020 WORLD’S BEST SAFETY MEDIA CAMPAIGNS interview series, we’re excited to release our first interview – a conversation with Marcia Howell from the Center for Safe Alaskans! Marcia was the founder of the International Safety Media Awards back in 2006. Hear from Marcia how safety media … Continued

International Safety Media Awards 2020 Interview – Simon Pase

The rise of widely accessible and cheap production tools is a game-changer for safety media campaigns.As part of our WORLD’S BEST SAFETY MEDIA CAMPAIGNS interview series, check out our discussion with Simon Pase Simon Pase is the Creative Services Manager at The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia, and is one of our esteemed judges for the International Safety … Continued

Furniture Safety

Around every corner of the home there are potential hazards for young children. Many parents do not recognise these dangers.

Creating impactful social media safety campaigns – the workshop

VSCN’s Social Media workshop, held on October 1, was a resounding success with all attendees reporting they were ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with the content, presentation style and value for money it entailed.

The presentation, by social media expert Row Murray of Kenobi Digital, gave an overview of the social space in 2015 before launching into specifics, tailored to those working in injury prevention and safety promotion. Row talked attendees through setting up an Instagram account and got them posting straight away with a prize given to the best post of the morning.

The challenge of behaviour change

Eat less processed food, exercise more, don’t smoke. The messages are clear and simple but achieving behaviour change is not.

How do you get your message out in a way that is engaging and appropriate to your target audience? These are the sort of issues that we will cover on Thursday, October 1 at the Smarter Ways to Promote Safety with Social Media workshop.

How current is your social media knowledge?

What do you think are Australia’s most popular social media networks? Facebook? LinkedIn? Flickr?

With the digital landscape in a state of flux, new social media platforms are constantly challenging the status quo and it can be hard to stay on top of the latest trends to ensure you are getting your safety promotion and injury prevention messages out efficiently and effectively.