SCN will focus on two strategic priorities over the three years of the 2014 – 16 plan, along with the objectives to implement these priorities.

Build the VSCN community

Provide a connection point for community safety professionals, other individuals, and relevant organisations to enable them to access professional development opportunities and to share, knowledge and information to promote community safety.

  • Build a community of interest through the VSCN website to support and maximise opportunities for community safety professionals to connect and share knowledge and information.
  • Provide professional development and face-to-face linking opportunities valued by community safety professionals.
  • Review and strengthen the relationships with community networks and peak organisations.
  • Engage with all levels of government and state-wide agencies in relation to community safety.

VSCN sustainability

Secure a relevant future for the VSCN

  • Develop and implement a financial sustainability plan.
  • Determine the most appropriate organisational structure for the VSCN including membership categories.