VSCN 2nd Annual Conference 17th November, 2004

“At the Cutting Edge of Community Safety”

collage1The second annual VSCN conference was held on Wednesday 17th November 2004 at the Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre. Intentional and unintentional harm is a major cause of injury and death in society, and the conference showcased the initiatives that are currently in place within the community to minimise potential safety risks.

Practitioners were provided with an insight into general principles and innovative methods in community safety. Seminars focusing on community safety were held throughout the day, displaying evidence-based programs addressing topics including drugs, family and sexual violence, graffiti, fire and traffic safety. 

Keynote speakers at the event included Dee Basinski, VicHealth Senior Project Officer from the Mental Health & Wellbeing Unit, Nicola Rabot, Strategic Injury Prevention Partnership representative and Manny Spiteri, Community Relations & Development Manager.

Safe Communities Newsletter: Safe Communities Newsletter Nov 2004

Some of their presentations are reproduced here by kind permission of the authors.

Keynote Speakers

Emerging Challenges/What’s Hot

Injury Prevention

Innovative Communication

Integrated Planning

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Policy and Planning

Practical Approaches

Working With Your Community


Understanding motivators and barriers to parental uptake of child poisoning prevention strategies