The 2015 Crime Prevention Master Class

Sydney Uni logoThis Crime Masterclass will provide insights on emerging criminology research, policy and practice from crime prevention and community safety experts and engages participants in discussion about how these can translate to improved crime prevention practice at a local level.

This criminology course will provide a forum to:

•Learn from experts what the evidence says about recent strategies to reduce crimes of concern.
•Engage in meaningful discussion about how emerging evidence can be applied in the communities where participants live.
•Discuss recent government policy commitments and how they will impact crime prevention outcomes on the ground.

This criminology course explores recent research, policy and practice related to an array of topics including:

•Alcohol-related assault: What we can learn from the implementation of the NSW Liquor Amendment Act 2014?
•Domestic violence: When will we see the ‘real action’ the government promises and what will it look like?
•Graffiti: Zero-tolerance vs public art – is anyone winning the war?

Fri 04 Sep 2015      1 session, 8 hours total