Reinvigorated VSCN Executive

The VSCN Executive has welcomed new committee members following last month’s Annual General Meeting, and is looking forward to the fresh perspective and broader representation of the sector the new representatives will be able to contribute to the organisation.

Dr Janneke Berecki-Gisolf,  Senior Research Fellow at the Monash Injury Research Institute, Metropolitan Fire Brigade Commander Andrew O’Connell and the RACV’s Melinda Spiteri have all volunteered to be active participants on the committee that is shaping the future of VSCN.

They will join the VSCN Executive, which is led by Chair/Treasurer Peter Crowley, Moonee Valley Council’s Community Safety Officer; Deputy Chair Peter Horton, Director of LOTE Marketing; and, Secretary Dr Bernadette Matthews, from Lifesaving Victoria.

Several existing Committee Members have also generously recommitted for the 2015/16 year: Gill Metz, CEO of Neighbourhood Watch; Zora Marko, Road Safety Education Project Manager at the Early Learning Association Australia; and, Inspector Zorka Dunstan, from Victoria Police’s Safer Communities Unit.

Barbara Minuzzo, The Royal Children’s Hospital Safety Centre, will also continue to provide the Secretariat.

VSCN would like to thank departing members of the committee: Nello Marino, CEO Sports Medicine Australia, and Kerry Hylton, City of Melbourne.

Nello has been an active and dedicated member of the network for more than a decade, and has been heavily involved as a Committee Member, including taking on the role of VSCN Treasurer, Public Officer, Secretary and Chair at various periods.

As a representative of the City of Melbourne, which is an accredited International Safe Community, Kerry has been involved in VSCN since its inception.

Without an active and committed Executive, VSCN would not exist so we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those past, current and newly-appointed committee members and office bearers for their input and dedication.