Older driver program Years Ahead

Years Ahead

The RACV has encouraged organisations such as local government who are working with older drivers to make use of their Years Ahead program, which is offered free of charge to groups of seniors across the state.

Melinda Spiteri, Manager of Road User Behaviour at RACV, says the Years Ahead program has been helping older drivers reduce their risks on the roads since 1997.

“Older drivers are generally safer, but there are things you need to be more mindful of as you age,” she says.

The RACV program involves a one-hour presentation to groups of 20 or more older drivers to discuss issues relating to the impact of aging on their driving ability. Topics include talking to their doctor about their fitness to drive, the increasing importance of car safety as we age, and planning for future mobility changes.

“We present to about 180 groups a year, that’s about 8,000 people. It is free, we get good feedback, it’s been evaluated and it’s continually updated,” Ms Spiteri says.

For more information on the Years Ahead program, see the RACV’s website.