Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Awards 2017

Nominations are open to projects of all sizes, including smaller initiatives involving local community groups.
Anyone can nominate a project for the awards. It may be a project you are involved in, or a project that you believe deserves recognition. The awards are designed to reward benchmark projects, as well as projects which exhibit good practice in the prevention or reduction of violence and other types of crime in Australia.

Trampoline safety

Rise in serious trampoline injuries in children worries trauma specialists. Dr Teague said the anecdotal evidence suggested many children were being injured when multiple were jumping on a trampoline at the same time. “If you have multiple users on the trampoline, I would liken it to cage fighting,” he said.

Reminder: Falls Prevention Webinar – Wed 12 April 2017 @ 11am ACST

Unintentional injury is the biggest issue in community safety and when it comes to unintentional injury the most common injury will result from falling. Falls are the cause of more hospital admissions and injury statistics than any other safety issue. But, falls draw less media attention than most other safety issues. Public awareness about the risk and frequency of falls, and the extent of injury and impairment that can result is alarmingly low.

Reminder: Abstracts closing tomorrow: 13th Australasian Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion Conference,

With a theme of “Take Action”, the Conference will be a multi-disciplinary event featuring representatives from all facets of injury prevention including research, teaching, practice and policy. Themes will be varied and cover topics such as child and family safety, road and transport safety, falls and ageing, water safety (including drowning), burns prevention, injury in a global perspective, rural and remote injury prevention, sports injury prevention and treatment, workplace safety, injury amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and more.

Ladder safety matters – Nick’s Story

Stop and think before you use a ladder. • choose the right ladder for the job • don’t work in wet or windy conditions • take time to set up your ladder • work safely up the ladder • have another person hold the ladder
• know your limits and work to your ability.

Furniture Safety

Around every corner of the home there are potential hazards for young children. Many parents do not recognise these dangers.