Ladder Safety Matters – Paul’s Story

An extra minute or two to correctly reposition and stabilise his ladder was all that was needed for Paul to prevent his fall. After a long and tiring day painting, Paul’s intention was to finish the job. But he neglected ladder safety practices. Falling onto concrete, fracturing ribs and suffering a collapsed lung. It could have been much worse. Ladder Safety Tip- Take the time to set up your ladder safely


Thank you and acknowledgment  to the Australian consumer protection regulators’ national education campaign ‘Ladder safety matters’ that encourages older men to stop and think before they use a ladder. It’s often the split-second decision or risky shortcut that results in a fall. What most people don’t realise is recovery can be a long and slow process with many still suffering pain a year after their fall.

Paul shares his story about falling from a ladder while sanding the exterior of his house and how the injuries from the fall has impacted his life.

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