Intelligent transport systems coming to Melbourne



Check out this YouTube video of ITA Australia’s 23rd World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems, which is to be held in Melbourne from 10 – 14 October 2016.

Australia is at the forefront of development and deployment of ITS technologies in many fields. Our population is clustered in big cities with large urban areas where ITS technology such as managed motorways and free flow tolling are being leveraged to maintain the mobility of our growing cities.

Long transport distances across our vast country encourage innovation and adoption of technology across our heavy vehicle fleet to enhance safety and efficiency. Australia has a strong and innovative mining sector that has embraced ITS technology such as driverless trains and driverless vehicles to improve efficiency and safety in tough economic conditions.

Similar to other countries, the important contribution that ITS can make to minimising harm from natural disasters has been recognised and is increasingly being deployed to great effect.

The ITS World Congresses will include plenary, scientific, technical and interactive sessions, a dynamic exhibition plus technical demonstration and tours that showcase the applications of the latest ITS technology.

It will provide an opportunity for policy makers, practitioners, researchers and ITS providers to share information on social needs, opinions and technical developments addressing modern transport issues.

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