Injury Prevention Consultation Workshop 2017 – presentations

Developing a strategy for Communities That Care Ltd to assist child & adolescent injury prevention and safety promotion.

View the presentations from the Injury Prevention Consultation Workshop that was held on February 14th 2017.

Communities That Care Australia
Communities That Care Smart Generations trial: A real world example of a brief behaviour change intervention in Australia.
Professor John Toumbourou, Deakin University
Download John’s presentation (PDF)

Injury Prevention: Never doubt a small group of thought committed people can change the world
Dr Dale Hanson, James Cook University
Child Safety is wicked. Wicked problems can be solved when approached in the right way. Proactive, coordinated, multi-strategic interventions, implemented by tenacious, committed multi-partner, multi-skilled, coalitions do work. We can’t solve wicked problems alone, but we can when we work together.
Download Dale’s presentation (PDF)

Safety promotion and injury prevention with children and young people in Australia – an overview of current research
Dr Bridie Scott-Parker, Adolescent Risk Research Unit (ARRU)
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