23rd International Conference on Safe Communities – Safe Communities are an Essential Need for a Modern-day Society at October, 10-12, 2017 in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Dear  friends and colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite You to attend 23rd International Conference on Safe Communities – Safe Communities are an Essential Need for a Modern-day Society  at October, 10-12, 2017 in Novi Sad, Serbia.http://www.scnovisad2017.com/

The 23rd International Conference on Safe Communities – Safe Communities are an Essential Need for a Modern-day Society will be a wonderful opportunity to discuss our shared global mission and vision, sharing best practices and learning from one another, as well as meeting or networking with guests and experts in the field of health and quality of life, injury and violence prevention and safe community building.

Equal right for health and safety is fundamental premise of WHO Health for all strategy and  Health in the 21st Century, as well WHO Global Program on Accident Prevention and Injury Control.

Initiative to improve health and quality of life, injury prevention and safety promotion are based on the WHO initiative are conducted within the International Safe Community Movement under the auspices of the International Safe Community Certifying Center and  European Safe Community Network which are our partners and parent organizations.

On behalf of National Center for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion under International Safe Community Certifying Center and the European Safe Community Network we have a firm intention to collaborate with all sectors to promote Safe Community model on WHO initiative as a lifestyle and philosophy of life.

The conference organizers are: National Center of Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion, International Safe Community Support Center from Novi Sad and International Safe Community Certifying Center from Stockholm.

As the Autonomous Province Vojvodina capital, Novi Sad is its political, economic, university and cultural centre well blended with historical traditions and modern developments.  Novi Sad is a city one gets to know and love easily, but also a place hard to forget and leave forever. Novi Sad is a simple city, hospitable and open-hearted to all of its visitors, built by measure of a man.

We hope that you will heed the call, and thus make the conference meet its objective which is the exchange of knowledge and experience to achieve the highest possible level of health and safety of all human, and to make better, nicer and safer world.

Our hospitality is well known and it will be our great pleasure to welcome you!



Professor Mirjana Milankov, MD, PhD

Chairlady Conference Organising Committee

Director National Center for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion

Chairlady European Safe Community Network

Board Member International Safe Community Certifying Centre