RACV Nino’s Child Restraint Challenge

Need for the campaign The correct use of car restraints has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of injury to children in the event of a collision, yet research consistently shows 70 per cent of car restraints are incorrectly fitted. This may be due to incorrect fitting initially, or errors that have occurred over … Continued

RACV Check Keys, Check Kids

Need for the campaign The RACV attends an average of four calls outs a day from people who have accidently locked their child in the car. Whilst campaigns have been run to urge parents not to leave their children in the car when going into a shop or other venues, this campaign aimed to help … Continued

Kidsafe Victoria No Helmet No Ride Campaign

  Need for the campaign Wheeled devices such as bikes, scooters, skateboards and rollerblades are involved in a number of child injury cases, in particular head injuries as a result of falls from these devices. Research indicates that wearing a helmet significantly reduces the risk of moderate, serious and severe head injury. Despite their protective … Continued

Symposium to tackle challenges of keeping children safe

The Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare is holding its 5th Annual Sector Research Symposium with the key themes:
•Child Safety: Beyond Inquiry – How can we keep children and young people safe?
•Educational Outcomes for Vulnerable Children – Our challenges and opportunities for the next decade
•Research, Evidence and Practice of Working with Vulnerable Families in Australia
•The Voice of Young People, Children, Parents & Carers in Research, Policy and Service Delivery

Reinvigorated VSCN Executive

The VSCN Executive has welcomed new committee members following last month’s Annual General Meeting, and is looking forward to the fresh perspective and broader representation of the sector the new representatives will be able to contribute to the organisation.

Dr Janneke Berecki-Gisolf, Senior Research Fellow at the Monash Injury Research Institute, Metropolitan Fire Brigade Commander Andrew O’Connell and the RACV’s Melinda Spiteri have all volunteered to be active participants on the committee that is shaping the future of VSCN.